The second official trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is released and the jury is out! We have confirmation of villains, locations, personalities, and more. However, when we watched the latest trailer, something didn’t feel quite right.

Theres no doubt Batman and Superman fighting will be huge, but it seems like it owes a lot to another superhero team-up film from 2012. Thats right, Marvel’s AVENGERS. How does this trailer make us compare the two films? Lets take a look at 5 huge reasons BATMAN V SUPERMAN stole from the AVENGERS.

Tell us if we missed any!

*Editor’s Note: This list is purely satirical and is in no means a way to to hate on DC. We’re psyched to see Batman V Superman next March!

1. A rich man in a suit of armor is fighting a god-like alien

Sure looks a lot like Tony Stark and Thor fighting in a forest.

2. A righteous hero with a circular shield comes in to make peace

Captain America is from WWII and Wonder Woman is from WWI, but a circle shield? Really?

3. The villain is another alien related to the god-like hero

They’re not brothers, but Kryptonian feuds seem more destructive than Asgardian ones.

4. Quinjets make an appearance

Batwing? Quinjets did it better.

5. The big 3 together: Superman, Wonder Woman, & Batman

Of course this shot had to be there. They’re not even looking at the explosion.

Bonus 6. Doomsday is the Abomination

Seriously, how can that NOT be Abomination?! Just look!



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