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Andrew Heath Design + Illustration – C2E2 Interview

Chris & Brian interview Andrew Heath at C2E2 2023 for Superhero Slate and ComicUI!


San Diego Comic-Con 2023: The Highlights

San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and fans of all things pop culture are gearing up for a weekend of excitement. The event, which takes place from July 19-23, 2023, will feature a wide variety of panels, screenings, and events.

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest and most popular pop culture events in the world. It’s a great opportunity for fans to come together and celebrate their love of comics, movies, television, and more. If you’re a fan of pop culture, then San Diego Comic-Con is definitely worth checking out.

Here are some additional tips for attending San Diego Comic-Con 2023:

  • Plan ahead. San Diego Comic-Con is a large and crowded event, so it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure you know what you want to see and do, and be prepared to stand in line. Use websites and apps to your advantage!
  • Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking at San Diego Comic-Con, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Convention clothing should be comfortable as well, as to maximize how long you can stay out for the day.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat. The weather in San Diego can be hot and sunny, so be sure to protect yourself from the elements. (personal experience from myself, an Umbrella if you’re outside standing in lines!)
  • Stay hydrated. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather. Bring a water bottle with you, or purchase one from one of the many vendors on site.
  • Be patient. San Diego Comic-Con is a popular event, so be prepared to wait in line. If you’re not patient, you might miss out on some of the best things to see and do.

With a little planning, you’re sure to have a great time at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.



During the Big Game this weekend between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, Marvel released another NEW trailer for the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 3! The third outing of this bunch of a-holes sees the return of Star Lord/Peter Quill, Rocket, Groot (but awkwardly growing), Drax, Nebula, Kraglin, and a time-displaced Gamora, but also the introduction of Cosmo (the dog), the High Evolutionary, and Adam Warlock.

While we know this will be the last outing of the Guardians team as we know it, per James Gunn, it doesn’t seem they will be pulling any punches on the emotional beats and the humor we’ve come to adore from this quirky team. We’ll be heading back to Knowhere with the team May 5, 2023.


ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA – How many post-credit scenes?

We are just a little over a week away from Marvel Studios kicking off their Phase 5 of the MCU with ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA. While normally viewed as a small scale hero (pun-intended), Ant-Man and by proximity, the Wasp, have been Avengers since the first comics published with that name, and have gone on to be integral parts of AVENGERS: ENDGAME and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. As we kick off Phase 5, we’ll see our proper Marvel Cinematic Introduction of Kang and a true journey into the Quantumverse, the “basement” of the movie universe.

The real question is not IF there are any world-changing Post-Credit Scenes that Marvel Movies are known for, but exactly how many? At this time, ComicUI can safely confirm that there are TWO post-credit scenes. One after the main credits, and then another after the longer production credits roll. As we move closer and closer to the KANG DYNASTY film, we can’t help but wonder if these will tease that Avengers film, or be more in-line with the light hearted goofiness Ant-Man is known for.

Super Heroes Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) return to continue their adventures as Ant-Man and The Wasp. Together, with Hope’s parents Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and Scott’s daughter Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton), the family finds themselves exploring the Quantum Realm, interacting with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that will push them beyond the limits of what they thought possible. Directed by Peyton Reed and produced by Kevin Feige, p.g.a. and Stephen Broussard, p.g.a., Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania also stars Jonathan Majors as Kang, David Dastmalchian as Veb, Katy O’Brian as Jentorra, William Jackson Harper as Quaz and Bill Murray as Lord Krylar.



In 1999, the world was introduced to the idea and cultural phenomenon that was THE MATRIX. This movie revolutionized movies, science fiction, and swept across the nation, whether you were into computers or not. After releasing a pair of back to back sequel films that wrapped up the story really well, we’re returning to the Matrix 22 years later with THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS.

The first trailer for this movie gives us a lot of great action scenes, a beautiful return to the world that is The Matrix, and a lot more questions than answers. With Keanu Reeves returning as Neo and Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity, this movie seems to continue the story somehow after their ‘deaths’ in THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. New cast members include Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Groff, and more.

Check out the first teaser trailer and get ready to re-enter The Matrix this December in theaters AND on HBO Max (ad free plan).


PEACEMAKER Series Debut Announced

Here we are, a few weeks before the arrival of James Gunn’s THE SUICIDE SQUAD, which features the debut of John Cena’s PEACEMAKER character. Someone who would kill for peace, just to let you know how dedicated he is to achieving it. With the upcoming movie set to put Peacemaker in a co-starring role with the other actors, we’ve finally been given an official release date for the PEACEMAKER prequel series, also written and mostly directed by James Gunn too.

Written during the lockdown from COVID-19, and filmed earlier this year, PEACEMAKER will be making its debut on HBO Max on January 16, 2022. The series getting a greenlight shows how much faith Warner Bros. and HBO Max has in the movie, let alone a show dedicated to a singular character. However, knowing the show is a prequel to the film might deter some people from tuning in on Sundays to watch the 8 episode series. At this time, the fate of Peacemaker in the movie is unknown, but we should hear more later.

Along with this announcement, it was revealed the first THREE episodes of the show will debut at once, with the subsequent five episodes airing weekly aftrewards. There isn’t much we can glean from the titles, but its fun knowing it’ll be 8 episodes across 6 total weeks! The titles are as follows:

  • A Whole New Whirled
  • Best Friends Never
  • Better Goff Dead

Catch John Cena debuting as PEACEMAKER in THE SUICIDE SQUAD on August 6 in theaters and on HBO Max (ad-free)!



Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox several years ago, the biggest question we’ve yet to answer include how (and when) will DEADPOOL join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just because he’s a rude dude with a ‘tude, and uses foul language a lot, his movies tend to be hits with audiences and bring in the cash. Despite Disney’s family friendly image, they’ve not shied away from the fact that the box office speaks, and they’ll definitely be bringing Ryan Reynolds back in some capacity.

This week for a promotion for the upcoming 20th Century/Disney movie, Free Guy, we get what might be our first official ‘crossover’ for Deadpool and the established Marvel movies. Doing a ‘react’ video for the Free Guy trailer, Wade Wilson invites Marvel’s (current) favorite rock man, Korg, to hang out and comment on the film’s offerings.

In a fun little twist, Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds, star of Free Guy, and Korg is voiced by Taika Waititi, the villain of the same movie. This is not the first time these two have interacted in the superhero space, as they both were friends in the Green Lantern movie we all love to forget happen.

While Deadpool and Korg are definitely having a fun meta moment here, this does NOT confirm Deadpool’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point in time, but shows that Disney/20th Century/Marvel are VERY open to having fun and gauging reactions from the internet. Even with a few naughty words hastily bleeped out, this video is still a great time and proves that even Deadpool’s humor can fit right into, if not at least acknowledge, the MCU.


WHAT IF…? Trailer Released

One of the most ambitious Marvel properties announced for Disney+ is the WHAT IF…? series, a fully animated show that dives into what I’ll like to ‘fan fiction’ for movie characters. The show will consist of 10 episodes, each taking a cue from different aspects in the MCU films and changing a crucial point in their history, putting them on a different path.

The first trailer for What If…? dropped and gives us a longer look at the show, including some of the main characters, highlight some of the changed moments, and tease a potential team up for the multiverse. Narrated by The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), the trailer shows us that even the defining moment of the MCU in Iron Man (2008) can be changed, with Killmonger saving Tony Stark from capture and having to wear a chest reactor. How this plays out, remains to be seen!

Other highlight moments include Captain Peggy Carter being a super soldier, Doctor Strange becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, a new/different Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies universe, Party Thor and an Army of Lokis too. The possibilities remain endless, even if its just as small as T’challa becoming Star-Lord instead of the Black Panther. Keep your ears peeled to hear original movie actors returning as their roles in the series!

We’ll be diving into more fun easter eggs and secrets for the trailer, but the big reveal is that the series will debut on August 11, 2021 with new episodes following each Wednesday on Disney+. What If…? is a show we’ll be keeping our eyes on to see if it affects the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large, but would not be surprised if it was relegated to being contained within itself.


Does BLACK WIDOW Have A Post Credits Scene?

BLACK WIDOW is now in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier access, a $30 purchase on the streaming service. With Marvel having debuted three shows on Disney+ in 2021, this is our first foray back into the MCU proper since Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019. In a rare move for Marvel, BLACK WIDOW serves as a prequel to Avengers: Endgame and introduces to the backstory of Natasha Romanoff.

As (almost) every movie from Marvel has indoctrinated the fans, you can almost certainly expect an end credits scene to either set up the next film or more plotlines for the MCU to explore. With Black Widow being a prequel, does it buck the trend and leave us in the dark?

Of course not! We don’t do spoilers here, but there is definitely an after-credits stinger that accompanies the film. However, die-hard fans may be disappointed that there is only one after the credits roll, rather than the standard mid-credits setup. That isn’t to say there aren’t any surprises or setups along the way, just that if you’re waiting to see two pieces, you’ll only get one.

Enjoy your time watching BLACK WIDOW this weekend, whether you feel comfortable back in the theaters or prefer the (almost cheaper) option to stream on Disney+ with Premier access. Let us know what you thought of the film and if you’re as excited to dive back into Marvel’s theater goings as we are!



Set to cap 2021 off, SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME could be the biggest box office film released this year. This is also the 4th Marvel Cinematic Universe film released in less than 6 months, and will put the finishing touches on the Spider-Man trilogy. Rumors for this film are at an all time high, including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning as their universe’s Spider-Men, as well as some of their villains getting reintroduced, such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Needless to say, a lot is riding on this film, including a huge multiverse crossover that could send fan-boys into hospitals from excitement.

To kick-off the back half of the year, Funko has unveiled the Spider-Man: No Way Home Pop! vinyl figures. While this full set doesn’t give away any of those crossover spoilers, it does raise a lot of questions about how many suits will be in the film and their full purpose. Let’s get swinging!

1Spider-Man: Upgraded Suit

Spider-Man No Way Home Upgraded SuitWe’re going to start on the least surprising reveal, the Upgraded Suit. This is the same outfit Spidey was wearing at the end of Far from Home, with red and black and some gliding wings. Nothing really new to show off, but still gives us the impression the movie will pick up right where the last one left off.

2Spider-Man: Black and Gold Suit

Spider-Man No Way Home Black and Gold SuitAs we at ComicUI would say, Boiler Up! The black and gold suit seems to be a bit stealthy, but also shows off some hints at hidden technology. Notice the hands? These look to be computer program lines and made up of some kind of chips. There are also slight blue devices above his eye brows, possibly giving him more integration with his AI from Far From Home or even other features we don’t know yet.

3Spider-Man: Integrated Suit

Spider-Man No Way Home Integrated SuitNow we’re talking about new suits! While this is truly a variation on the typical Spider-Man design, the extra features indicate a merger of mystical and machine components. The first thing is the spider web on a magical ‘disc’ on his chest (the suit does not have this normally) that is combined with his palm-down bracers that seem to be summoning energy balls or possibly webbing created projectiles. The last bit of detail is the gold highlights throughout the red and blue. Will this theme of gold have something to do with a magic material, or is it just for show?

4Doctor Strange (with shovel)

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor StrangeWith magic suits, come great sorcerer supremes! And this sorcerer looks to be doing some snow shoveling. With big all-weather boots, a big puffy jacket, and snow shovel, Doctor Strange looks like he’ll be doing some snow removal on the side. We also notice his Eye of Agamotto necklace is still on display, despite the time stone supposedly being destroyed/returned in Endgame. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye.

5Ned and MJ

No reveals here, but Peter’s best friends Ned and MJ are coming back for the third movie! Ned is in his best track jacket and MJ in a grey suit. They could be a fun time!

Spider-Man No Way Home MJSpider-Man No Way Home Ned