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About ComicUI

Welcome to ComicUI, where content is king.

If knowledge is power, then we definitely want to be your super heroes. Thats how we feel here at ComicUI. As each day passes, we want to ensure that you have the same information from a reputable source that can empower you to be your own super hero. This is where two guys with nothing but passion for comic books and movies come together and share that with the world. ComicUI is a premier website that provides in-depth information regarding comic books, movies, and pop culture, including breaking news and critical reviews.

We can’t do it without you though. ComicUI relies on our fans to share information with us and give us that critical feedback to make sure that you’re getting information that you want. So to that, we say become part of ComicUI! Join our community by registering as a user of the site, follow us on social media, and more so, give us your news! All submissions can be sent to and are read by our Editor-in-Chief himself. If you want to talk to an owner at ComicUI, we say do so. Register with and leave comments on the articles. Give us your thoughts and most importantly, thank you for being a part of U and I.

Thank You for Joining the ComicUI Community.