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December 7, 2016


The first tease for the upcoming teaser trailer (confusing, right?) for Marvel and Sony's SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING is here. With a release date of tomorrow, we're giving a couple hints of whats to come in the first Marvel Cinematic Universe outing for the webslinger.
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January 8, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man Will Return to Comics

Marvel’s Solicitations for March/April have unveiled that the Amazing Spider-Man will be returning to the comic books with Peter Parker in his own mind again with The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (701) in the All New Marvel NOW! series. This is exciting for a few reasons, first off, it will please a lot of annoyed fans. LOTS of annoyed fans.

If you haven’t been following comics for the past 12 months or just consciously chose to black it out, you may not be aware that the current Spider-Man in the comic books, is not in fact Peter Parker (technically). Yes, it is as confusing as it sounds. Last year, in the Amazing Spider-Man 700, Doctor Octopus is able to switch minds [...]

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July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Amazing Spider-man Review

One year ago I was getting excited for the reboot of one of my favorite pre-Marvel Studios franchises. Before I truly understood comic books and the vast array of characters that exist in Marvel’s stable, Spider-Man was my favorite super hero. He was witty, agile in both actions and words, had an easy to understand power set and background, and ultimately had a 90’s cartoon that was a staple of my daily television watching. All of these features meant that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were going to be my favorite. On top of all that, I saw the original Spider-Man film at a theater in Hawaii on vacation, my first memorable stadium seating theater. Something you don’t [...]

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July 4, 2013

Bryan Singer Teases Quicksilver

Bryan Singer loves his twitter. Loves it and uses it weekly to showcase a little more of X-men: Days of Future Past. Despite any official promotional pieces or teaser trailer, this is all we have to go on until Fox decides to get itself in gear and push this movie, which will now be out next May. But I have to admire the guy, even on the 4th of July, he’s out there pushing his movie and working on sets.

Today we get to see the Maximoff residence. Those familiar with the name will know that Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are in fact Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, respectively. As of right now, we only know of Quicksilver’s existence in the film (and the actor), but [...]

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