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April 10, 2017

THOR: RAGNAROK Teaser Trailer

This November, return to Asgard (for a little bit) to see Thor in action against some of his greatest foes such as Loki and Hulk, but probably the strongest includes new coming Hela. As Thor fights to return to Asgard and save the day, will he find out what it means to be a hero without a hammer?
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June 10, 2013

Winter Soldier is ready for his Close Up

We found a great picture for you over on Reddit. I had to double take on this picture. I thought it was Jared Leto posing for his upcoming 30 Seconds to Mars album and decided he had a cold face at the same time. Nope, we get a super large close up of Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier on the set of the upcoming Captain America sequel. What we can tell from this picture is how awesome this ‘baddie’ really looks on screen and that his outfit matches that of Cap’s too, in terms of utility. Why is he wearing the face mask though? That would be my biggest question, other than hide his identity. Functional purpose? Lets hope. Also notice the orange dots? Those are CG [...]

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June 6, 2013

New Gameplay Footage of Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Hot on the heels of Marvel Heroes released this week by Gazillion Entertainment, Eurogamer has released an exclusive interview with TellTale games about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Within that interview includes a new, never seen before level of the game featuring Thor, Wolverine, the Human Torch, and Captain America as they fight Loki and the Destroyer across Jotunheim (Frost giants) and Asgard (Bifrost bridge which turned out visually stunning). The second half of the interview includes the previous released footage of Spider-man, Iron Man and Hulk as they battle Abomination and Sandman in New York.

Some cool new features in this game include the ability for Captain [...]

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April 18, 2013

Rumor Mill: Thor: The Dark World Trailer to be released next week

Thanks to Mike Royer for this breaking news.

This just in, according to a subreddit, twitter user AgentM has reported that a trailer for Thor: The Dark World will be premiering next week. This isn’t too far out of the question as Iron Man 3 begins premiering across the globe next week as well, a good vehicle to push the lesser known franchise. However, after the sleeper hit Thor was and his presence in the Avengers, I don’t see the follow up being anything less.

Also, this news may come from a German Facebook page which may have leaked the date early. No links can confirm that at this time, however it is word on the street.

Thor: The Dark World is [...]

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