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May 4, 2018

Tom Brevoort Interview | C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith interview Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor & Senior Vice President of Publishing of Marvel Comics) at C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate
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March 21, 2017

Chris Yost Interview at Detroit FanFare with ComicUI

ComicUI sits down with Chris Yost, writer of films Thor: The Dark World and Max Steel, as well as co-creator of X-23 and a lead writer on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes series. This was recorded at Detroit FanFare.
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July 24, 2015

C2E2: ComicUI Interview with China, IL

At C2E2 2015, Chris Dillard and Brian Smith of ComicUI interviewed Brad Neely, Dave Newberg, and Daniel Weidenfeld of China, IL on Adult Swim.

We ask the hard hitting questions about China, IL and BS with some of the funniest guys at C2E2.

Stay tuned through the whole interview to find out what kind of shoes Brad, Dave, and Daniel all enjoy wearing, courtesy of Luke Baker.

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith – Interviewers Adam Niemiec – Camera Greg Cunningham – Sound/Lights


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February 12, 2015

Exclusive: Brian Lau talks STAUNCH AMBITION with ComicUI

A few months ago, we let you know about STAUNCH AMBITION, a graphic novel coming from the minds of Brian Lau,¬†John McNicol, and Tyler Thull. Since our initial press release for the book, they’ve managed to add artists Freddie Williams II, Khoi Pham, and Erwin Arroza to the fray, as well as songs by Elements of Kadence, Jason Conley, & Rodney Elliott.. There are not enough words to say how much time, energy, and talent is going into STAUNCH AMBITION when it launches.

To really dig into STAUNCH AMBITION, we got in touch with Brian Lau, Chief Creative Officer of the graphic novel, and gave him some questions¬†leading up to the big release. In fact, one of Chris’ [...]

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