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November 4, 2016

New LEGO Batman Trailer Arrives

he fourth LEGO Batman Movie trailer has arrived and displays more of the signature LEGO humor we've come to enjoy. From teasing Batman's other movie outings (Batman v Superman) to parodying all the Bat-vehicles (Bat Kayak), this trailer showcases the tone of the film as well as giving a bit more of the plot to us, a story about family.
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February 12, 2016


DEADPOOL is a superhero movie that knows no bounds, yet has one of the most firm grasps on its content and character than any other comic book film we've seen in a long time. Counting this as his initial debut (Wolverine: Origins doesn't count), Wade Wilson brings the pain and gore, shocking quips and witticisms, as well as (most surprisingly) a huge amount of heart.
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January 28, 2015

Games with Gold – February 2015

January is coming to and end, so make sure you get your Games with Gold freebies before they’re gone. Then, get ready for the obscure handouts Microsoft is giving us in February.

With February’s Games with Gold, Xbox One gamers get It Draws a Red Box(otherwise known as #IDARB) – an offbeat, crowdsourced multiplayer action game, and Xbox 360 gamers get treated to two awesome titles; Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, an emotional, atmospheric puzzle platformer, and Sniper Elite V2, a pulse-pounding third-person shooter. As usual, all games are available for a limited time.

#IDARB ($14.99 ERP): Available from Feb. 1 – 28 on Xbox One 

#IDARB is a stunning conglomeration [...]

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January 7, 2014

Stan Lee to Star in Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Stan Lee is a staple character in every Marvel film as of late (except X-Men: First Class) and it should be no surprise that he is scheduled to appear in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tv show. Lee is actually a character who is an Agent of SHIELD in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series and does his daily duties as the high school janitor. In Season 2, he had an episode that feature him as a complete badass fighting the Lizard in the tunnels under the school.

As Stan hits his older age, I’m happy to see him taking a prominent role in the Marvel Universe. Sure, many people may not appreciate him as a person, but without Stan Lee, I’m not sure we’d have [...]

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