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February 13, 2014

Michael Fassbender as Magneto from X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Fox has released a new image of Michael Fassbender as Magneto in the upcoming X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST film on Twitter. We’ll see him don his standard magenta garb and be sexy as ever. How can someone so good looking become so evil?


#MichaelFassbender is #Magneto, a mutant with unparalleled powers. #XMen

— X-Men Movies (@xmenmovies) February 13, 2014


Source: Twitter

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June 6, 2013

Beast Vs. Magneto: Set Photos

In an unbelievable set of photos over at, we get a glimpse of Nicholas Hoult dressed up as Beast fighting Michael Fassbender as Magneto in a fountain. The image set can be viewed HEREĀ  or in the slideshow below and I do recommend you check them out sooner than later. If the fountain isn’t enough to get you wet, then the stud-on-stud action will.

We’ve seen a sneak peak at Beast before from Bryan Singer’s tweets, which has been included. You can check out Fassbender as Magneto here and here. Do you think we’ve seen enough of the movie yet to piece together a full version?

All photo rights go to

Click for a [...]

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June 5, 2013

Photo: Michael Fassbender Always Gives Me A Rise

On the heels of the other Days of Future Past photos from Twitter this week, Bryan Singer tweets one of Michael Fassbender being filmed on set. My first assumption is that he’s a short person, but we all know Fassbender is quite the tall drink of water. As you can tell, he is being elevated into the air on a platform (that we will not see on screen) and is taking to the skies. How far or high is up to anyone but Magneto has always been a master of levitation, which is apparent in the Opening cinematic of Marvel Heroes. I’m hoping for some publicity stills and poster work soon rather than these camera phone teases, but they say patience is a virtue.

Click the image [...]

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June 2, 2013

Fassbender, McAvoy and Dinklage In Costume

Now I’ve seen it all. We have set photos of Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Peter Dinklage on the set of X-men: Days of Future Past. Now we’ve seen a photo of McAvoy in his famous X-chair, but the other two film powerhouses (this side of the future) have yet to be seen. Now we can view them in all their 70’s glory. Fassbender seems fairly normal compared to the other outfits and hairstyles. Sporting a clean shaven haircut and a denim shirt, don’t expect any radical changes from the mutant radical. McAvoy however has some locks of hair that challenge the future Xavier to his core, meaning theres more than enough for them to share so whys the future one [...]

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