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June 17, 2014

International Trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Brings More Rocket

Normally, international trailers don’t vary too much from their US counterparts, but in this case, they’ve crafted an entirely different trailer with tons of new footage. Opposite of the previous Guardians spots, this latest look gives us a dramatic first half that tells us we’re going to be learning about Star-Lord’s past and how thats shaped him to be the Peter Quill we’ll see in the movie. Secondly, the second half of the trailer doesn’t have ANY Blue Suede at all, but uses it to give us new banter between Star-Lord and Rocket himself!

If their quips aren’t enough to entertain you, then there is no help for you. Just kidding! Enjoy [...]

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June 5, 2014

New TV Spot and Fan Poster for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has less than 2 months till it hits theaters, so that means promotions are about to ramp up in full force. From the early reviews we reported yesterday to the newest TV spots, expect a bombardment of Guardians material.

Today, we have the newest TV spot for the film which will air tonight during the NBA Finals. It doesn’t give us much new footage, but a few action shots and Glenn Close telling us to “Send in the Guardians.” Check out the full trailer below!

On top of that, a new poster by Matt Ferguson (@Cakes_Comic) has been tweeted by director James Gunn. The unsanctioned artwork has the Guardians pay homage to the original [...]

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May 30, 2014


Marvel/Disney have released a new, kid-friendly version of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that premiered a few weeks ago. It includes about 2 seconds (if that) of new footage but also removes some crotch adjusting that signaled the end of the trailer.

Check out the new version below and then check out Crotch Rocket Raccon below that (courtesy of Mike Royer @

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May 22, 2014

Full BIG HERO 6 Trailer

The full trailer for Disney and Marvel’s BIG HERO 6 is now online and seems to combine Pixar’s cute touch, with Iron Man’s technology, resulting in the most charming thing yet. Watch the full trailer below and you can catch the movie in theaters this November 7.

Do I also hear some Alan Silvestri music from the Avengers in there??

Updated: YouTube pulled the trailers. We got a copy on ComicUI!

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