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December 6, 2017


We know you've seen it, but Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here and the world is watching. From the opening salvo of Nick Fury's Avengers speech, to the slow theme song, and ultimately what could be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thanos' reveal. This trailer delivers emotions, stakes, nearly every character shows up, and more!
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June 11, 2013

Captain America’s Uniform Crisis

Word on the street is that Captain America’s new uniform is too military and less representative of the old Red, White, and Blue. My feelings on the topic are fairly neutral, depending on how the actual outfit is portrayed and used in the films rather than out of focus set photos. However, to ease those with heightened anxiety and untempered nervousness, Joblo has unveiled some potential spoiler-ish information regarding the changes of Cap’s outfit over the course of the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. [quote]”This is Cap’s S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform (obviously) but for circumstances unknown (either it getting destroyed or Cap hating it), at some point in [...]

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