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December 29, 2014

ComicUI – Best and Worst Movies of 2014

Welcome to the final week of 2014! And to finish it off, we’re going to give you the last of our lists. Today, we’re going to play both sides of the coin with our best and worst movies of the year. We hope that you partake in watching these movies, even if we think they’re horrible. Not that we promote bad films, but that you can educate yourselves instead of just taking our word.

Let us know your choices too!



Best Movie Brian – The LEGO Movie

Grand Budapest Hotel

This was a movie that was impossible to take serious before this year. Just try to think about that. That’s a huge success for [...]

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December 23, 2014

ComicUI’s Worst Artwork of 2014

Now that we’ve told you the best artwork we saw in 2014, now we’re going to the opposite end of the spectrum with the absolute worst artwork of 2014. This comes to us with such tragedy and distraughtness that we can’t even believe we’re saying it.

Poor, poor ultimate universe. You had such hope and potential and greatness, then every few years, a few people come through and destroy it. Ultimate FF had some of the best stories this year, but it was ultimately destroyed by itself and the shoddy artist.

One of the few examples is below.


Chris – Ultimate FF

“Dear lord. Someone scribbled on the pages of what could have been [...]

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December 21, 2014

ComicUI – Best Artwork 2014

Continuing our end of 2014 countdown, we come to our favorite artwork of the year! This can be posters, comic books, an artist in particular, so on and so forth. For this, again, Brian and I agreed with each other, but came to separate conclusions on who should take the top spot of the year.

Come back later this week as we give you the Worst Artwork of the year and you can compare. If you think we missed someone great who’s work stood above the rest, you let us know!

Brian – Ryan Stegman, artist for “Inhuman”


Ryan Stegman more then established himself in 2013 with his work on Superior Spider-man and the short lived [...]

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December 18, 2014

ComicUI’s Worst Comic Book Series of 2014

Since we’ve unveiled our favorite comic book series of this year, we’ve decided to flip that coin over and give you our worst! The following results shocked us, because we’re both fans of the universe they exist in, but are sad to see it gone astray.

Read ComicUI’s Best Comic Book Series of 2014 before you proceed, although…there aren’t any spoilers below. Oh well. What was your least favorite series this year?


Brian – All New Ultimates

All-New Ultimates

Mark Millar’s “Ultimates” are arguably what got me back into comics after childhood. Showing a reinvention of my favorite characters [...]

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