With X-MEN: APOCALYPSE releasing on May 27, the marketing for the film is starting to kick up. Right now, the biggest push is on the Four Horsemen, which include 2 regular mutants, one villain, and the first time for a fan favorite to appear on screen.

Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) has chosen his four horsemen, and with that he imbues them with a power increase that takes them to the next level. He has chosen Storm and Angel, two X-Men we’ve seen throughout the original trilogy, as well as introducing us to a very comic-faithful Psylocke (Olivia Munn). But as we’ll find out in the film, he also takes Magneto under his wing, giving the anti-human character powers we’ve never seen and perhaps a way to achieve his dreams.

Below you’ll find four posters, one for each horsemen stylized to represent their duty to Apocalypse this May. Which one is your favorite so far?