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SDCC 14 – AVENGERS 2 Posters

SDCC 14 – AVENGERS 2 Posters

by Christopher DillardJuly 25, 2014

For those lucky bastards out in California this week going to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), Marvel is giving out lots of goodies. We’re not bitter that we weren’t personally invited by Joss Whedon or Kevin Feige, but more that we can’t get these posters we’re about to show you.

Each Avenger in the upcoming AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON will be getting a poster showcasing their abilities fighting a massive wave of Ultron bots. Ultron is the main villain in the film, a robotic AI who will be the reason the Earth’s Mightiest are called back into action once more.

This time, joining their ranks are the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson), Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and The Vision (Paul Bettany). Take a look at the posters and we’ll update them as they’re released! Ever poster is interconnected and creates a larger image of concept art.

Full Poster

avengers 2 age of ultron poster

Day 1 – Iron Man & Scarlet Witch

iron man avengers 2
scarlet witch avengers 2

Day 2 – Captain America & the Black Widow

avengers 2 captain america
black widow avengers 2

Day 3 – Quicksilver/Vision & Hawkeye

quicksilver vision avengers 2
hawkeye avengers 2

Day 4 – Thor & Hulk

Thor avengers 2
Hulk avengers 2

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