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PHOTOS: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock on DAREDEVIL Set

PHOTOS: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock on DAREDEVIL Set

by Christopher DillardAugust 4, 2014

Some new on-set photos from the upcoming Marvel & Netflix team-up DAREDEVIL have surfaced through Instagram, giving us Charlie Cox as the blind lawyer himself. At first I thought it was David Duchovny (The WRONG DD) with sunglasses on, but it appears to be Matt Murdock on a park bench, enjoying the simple things in life. That means he’s not dressed up as Daredevil and fighting around the city.

Other than the vibe that Cox is NAILING Murdock, I’m really curious to see the outfit for DD when it previews. Nothing against the red leather Affleck one (ok, everything against it), it’ll be very interesting to see how the new iteration plays out with these grounded shows.

Enjoy the new Daredevil images, hopefully we’ll have more for you as production continues. Expect to see the series premier May 2015!


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Source: Instagram

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