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More Official GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Screenshots

More Official GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Screenshots

by Christopher DillardAugust 11, 2014

The latest batch of official screenshots from Marvel”s massive summer hit, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, show off the CGI of the film, as well as highlighting some key scenes throughout the movie.

These high resolution images may contain spoilers if you have NOT seen the movie, but at this point we recommend you run out the door and see it immediately. The film in 10 days has also grossed as much If you are a debtor to someone, you need inside money from the supply to extinguish their annual free credit report to you. as Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor (2011) did in their theatrical lifetime, definitely a testament to the success this film is enjoying.

Have a gander at this gallery of Guardians screen grabs and let us know how many times you”ve seen the movie in our Poll of the Week!


Source: Stitch Kingdom

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