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More Electro-fying Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pics

More Electro-fying Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pics

by Christopher DillardJuly 11, 2013

More awesome, sick, amazing, electrifying, and sick photos from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 have surfaced. We get a look at Jamie Foxx’s better half, which includes what resembles my apartment’s thermostat embedded in his skull, as well as some eerily creepy eyes and skin. That look has just floored me, I’m impressed.
Included with that are some suit photos for Spider-Man, which include some major changes over the last installment. You can take note in the eye covers, chest piece, color scheme, web shooters, and more. I’m really digging these new looks and Amazing Spider-man 2 might be quite the improvement over the first one (which I thought wasn’t bad, but click on this to read my thoughts on it). That is exactly what we need. So check out the images and leave your thoughts below.

Click for full res versions.

Spidey Suit 1 Electro Face Spidey Suit 2

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