We’ve seen what appears to be the new Thing from the upcoming Fox FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, but thats really it. Until today. Now we have leaked images of the new Doctor Doom, played by Toby Kebbel (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), in his full metal outfit. In these images, he appears to be battling the stand ins for the Human Torch (flying and glowing orange) and the Thing (the big muscular dude).

Since most of this appears to be CGI, its hard to tell what his final form will be in the film, but I’m excited to know more of the movie is being public. Perhaps this stands a chance to wash the taste of the last 2 Fantastic Four films from my mouth.

Are you ready for a return to the fantastic?


UPDATE: Images removed at the request of Fox Studios. Guess they WERE real after all!


Source: Geek Pride