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Gameplay Footage of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Gameplay Footage of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

by Christopher DillardApril 5, 2013

Many of you are probably familiar with the LEGO games from TellTale Studios. They cover the gamut of franchises many nerds tend to hold dearly, such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and lately Batman/DC. However, this year we will see the release of a LEGO game based on my favorite thing ever…Marvel’s Superheroes. Today, TellTale showed off some great gameplay footage feature Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-man fighting the super villains Abomination and Sandman. This really showcases the different character’s abilities and how they need to be created for the characters. Such as Spider-man’s lego webs and the Hulk as a big-fig, compared to everyone else’s mini-figs. Check out the embed below via and let us know what you think. This game has my money already!



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