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Disney Dates Marvel Mystery Films

Disney Dates Marvel Mystery Films

by Christopher DillardJune 24, 2013

Disney has been hard at work planning out Marvel Studio’s future films. What we have are some Phase 3 release dates for undefined films for the upcoming few years. Starting off post Avengers 2 films is Ant-man on November 6, 2015. That is a pretty stellar choice to lead with a relative unknown Marvel hero for Phase 3. Hank Pym or Scott Lang or both! Either way, I expect us to see shrinking to very small sizes and hopefully lots of humor from Edgar Wright. From here, the path is less defined on super heroes, but more clear cut on when we can see some. The next three lined up as of today are: May 6, 2016; July 8, 2016; and May 5, 2017. To be fair, the May dates were announced before Sony decided to plan out Spider-man until 2018, but thats still quite a bit into the future from now.

I like that Marvel has a plan and Disney isn’t afraid to tout off one of its stronger properties right now. Mind you, Disney isn’t taking over either. They’re just giving resources and juice to the powerhouse that has given us such gems as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Avengers. My next question is, how do they proceed from here? Will we see the presumed Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Inhumans, Namor, or dare I think Sentry!? Or is one of them a guaranteed Avengers 3 spot, with a Thor and Captain America trilogy ends? I’m hoping Marvel goes forward and expands on their universe to tales yet untold.

Who do you think will make the silver screen appearance in Phase 3? Excelsior!

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