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DEADPOOL Officially Rated R

DEADPOOL Officially Rated R

by Christopher DillardApril 1, 2015

Fox’s DEADPOOL is currently filming in Vancouver and Ryan Reynolds is hyping the movie more than anyone else. If someone was made to embody the Merc with a Mouth, it is in fact Reynolds. From last week’s tweet that unveiled the costume, lots of rumors and speculation about the films’ rating have gone around.

Finally, today, on the day most pranks go live, Ryan Reynolds has confirmed via a YouTube video that the rating for DEADPOOL will in fact be R. Watch this interview that he has with Mario Lopez (and trust me, you’ll wanna stick through it) to see how they announce this special news.

This is also the first time we see the Deadpool costume in footage, and it looks WAY better on screen then it did in last week’s tweet. So if you’re excited for the movie, go eat yourself a chimichanga (and vote in this week’s poll)!


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