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Channing Tatum Cast as Gambit

Channing Tatum Cast as Gambit

by Christopher DillardMay 14, 2014

God. Damnit. Nothing is sure to ruin my day faster than anything involving Channing Tatum. Now they want to cast him as one of the few more iconic mutants in the X-Men roster? It is a sad day everywhere. I wasn’t even this disappointed when they announced the Batfleck.

As of right now, X-MEN movie franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner has confirmed via TotalFilm, that Channing Tatum will be Gambit in the next X-Men movie, APOCALYPSE. We’ve known that the sequel to DAYS OF FUTURE PAST would in fact be focused on Apocalypse, one of the greatest threats to Mutantkind. Gambit was even one of his horsemen (of the Apocalypse, get it?) becoming Death, so it isn’t a stretch to assume he was going to be in the movie.

The second piece of information gleaned from this interview, is that Gambit will be getting a solo film afterwards. Could this be the mystery 2018 Fox Comic Book movie they’ve teased? Most people are hoping for an X-Force film that could lead to seeing a much improved version of Deadpool in theaters. Gambit: The Movie was the last thing on anyone’s mind a week ago, but now it seems they’ve already cast for a film that has no script. Crazier things have happened, I suppose.

Channing tatum gambit x-men apocalypseThis will be the second actor to portray Gambit in the films, the first being Taylor Kitsch in 2009’s X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. As that film was primarily set in 1981, an older Gambit for Apocalypse to be set later in the 80’s makes sense. However, the inclusion of Channing Tatum does not.

We’re near violently ill at the casting of this character, but we know other opinions exist. Do you think Magic Mike can be the next Ragin’ Cajun?

Source: Hollywood ReporterIGN

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