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SUICIDE SQUAD: A review by Superhero Slate

SUICIDE SQUAD: A review by Superhero Slate

by Christopher DillardSeptember 12, 2016

Suicide Squad isn’t the movie we all needed from the DC Cinematic universe, but only makes us feel more like no one is helming the wheel for this huge franchise boat. From cliche ways of introducing characters, a near full stop almost halfway through the film, and lack of actual story development, Suicide Squad manages to be better than its predecessor (BvS), but still have little to any impact on the whole. There may be a version of this film out there that exists, but we shouldn’t be relegated to watching Extended Ultimate R-Rated home-release versions of films 3 months after watching the sub-par theatrical release. While it attempts to be stylish and loud, the random soundtrack and devolution into a snoozefest remove all steam built up in the initial moments, ultimately derailing the film by the credits. I’d not recommend this film to anyone wanting to see a good movie, but it may be suitable enough for fans of the comic series and characters.

To help expand on this review, I’m including the SPOILERCAST from Superhero Slate (a show I co-host with creator, Mike Royer) to help tell you why we didn’t enjoy this film.

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