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Superhero Logo Evolutions

Superhero Logo Evolutions

by Christopher DillardDecember 15, 2014

We’ve all seen the evolution of superhero emblems. Hell, even we’ve posted on for Wolverine last year. Now, with BATMAN V SUPERMAN coming in 2016 and Spider-Man always being popular (Sony and Marvel are in talks for him to join their cinematic universe), someone decided to put all of their known emblems/logos into a gif.

Batman begins in 1941 and goes up through the 2016 logo for BvS, Superman starts in 1938 and includes the Man of Steel ‘S’ on his chest, and lastly, Spider-Man (late bloomer) goes from 1961 through this year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 symbol. Take a look as each logo blends into the next and serves as a journey through time.

All credit goes to Eric Snapper, a Florida based content creator, and here’s hoping he does more! Perhaps we’ll see all of Iron Man’s armors soon.
batman logo evolution

superman emblem evolution

Spider-man emblem evolution

Source: Eric Snapper

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