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ComicUI’s Best Comic Series of 2014

ComicUI’s Best Comic Series of 2014

by Christopher DillardDecember 16, 2014

Until the end of the year, Brian and myself will be sharing our favorites and least favorites from 2014. We’ve thought long and hard about the things we loved and didn’t love, so we’ll be providing some insight into our lives as well as giving you something you can look forward to.

First up, we have our Best Comic Series of 2014. This is something that started in 2014, but not necessarily finished. Check out our selections below! Click on the images if you’re interested in joining in.



Brian – Moon Knight

moon knight 1 warren ellis marvel

Moon Knight #1

In 2014, “the one you see coming”, was the series you never saw coming. Flying pretty far under the radar, Warren Ellis kicked off an all new Moon Knight series in 2014, which he capped off after only six issues. The series was immediately picked up by Brian Wood, and while they’ve both done pretty different things, they’ve both made it a wild rise of a series in just one year. What made this series so unique is nearly every issue is standalone. Regardless of your exposure to Moon Knight, this series does a great job skipping past the exposition and delivering you action right out of the gate. Moon Knight #5 is actually such a powerful and self contained comic that I argue it might be one of the best comic book issues Marvel has released in years.





Chris – Original Sin

“Yes, this is an event series, but none-the-less, it surprised me. As each issue progressed, I had no idea what would happen in this murder-mystery for “Who shot the Watcher.” Will it hold up over time? I’m not sure, but it was the most surprising series for me in 2014.”

original sin 1 marvel 2014

Original Sin #1

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