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May 4, 2018

Art Baltazar Interview | C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith interview Art Baltazar - comic artist, cartoonist, writer, penciler, and more at C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate
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May 4, 2018

Tom Brevoort Interview | C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith interview Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor & Senior Vice President of Publishing of Marvel Comics) at C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate
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November 30, 2015

ComiXology Cyber Monday Sale

Do you like comic books? We LOVE comics! To celebrate the gift giving season, ComicUI teaming up with comiXology to give you the best Cyber Monday deals on digital comics. We know that buying digital comics doesn’t always feel right (we love holding the book in our hands too), but buy one and get one free? Now thats something we can’t pass up.

Read them on your computer, your tablet, or phone on the go. Nothing beats having your whole comic book collection in the palm of your hand anytime you want it.

Also, some (if not all) of their great Black Friday deals are still going strong too, meaning you can increase your comic knowledge at one of the cheapest [...]

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June 30, 2015

All-New Marvel Now Preview Leaks

This fall, when Marvel’s Secret Wars wraps up, the comics we’ve been used to seeing will disappear and new series will start. This new world, which seems not too drastically different from the world we know now, but the characters we’re going to see definitely seem interesting.

From these, we’ll see Carnage, Karnak, Venom, and other characters get solo series, as well as the 6 Spider-character series, and 6 more X-Men/Mutant series. For those worried that Marvel would ‘forget’ their Mutants should probably be eating their crow now, served cold.

Here are the leaked Marvel series releasing after Secret Wars concludes and the timeline [...]

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